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Issue 176 of Passenger Transport is published on January 19.
Contents include:




‘Buses are part of the solution’
Ahead of next month’s UK Bus Summit in London, prominent voices in the UK bus industry are calling on central and local government to recognise that buses are an ally in the battle for cleaner air rather than the enemy



‘Labour unlikely to nationalise rail rapidly’
ASLEF boss says transport unlikely to be top priority

DfT – free bus travel is ‘low value for money’
Analysis by the Department for Transport has determined England’s free travel scheme offers a benefit:cost ratio of just 1.16:1 outside London

Reading plots further Berkshire expansion
As First cuts back, municipal makes plans to expand operations

NAO probe exposes DfT franchising faults
While acknowleding the impact of industrial action on the giant TSGN franchise, report says DfT was also at fault for poor performance

Compensation doubles for delayed journeys
Efforts to help passengers claim reflected in the rise

Jersey slashes subsidy as patronage grows
HCT Group reveals the growth has led to cut in public funding

Kent reverses plans for subsidised bus cuts
Public outcry and policy changes sees bus subsidy saved

TfN reveals its vision despite funding worries
Transport for the North has published its draft strategic transport plan but critics have questioned whether the government is truly committed to it

Welsh Government denies risk concerns
Government rejects suggestions that it wants bidders to fail

Intervention urged to save family operators companies
Figures within the bus industry have called on the Welsh Government to do more to help support smaller operators in Wales. Rhodri Clark reports

Khan hits out at £700m government subsidy cut
London mayor blasts decision to phase out revenue support grant


In association with the Go-Ahead Group

Reading Buses making savings from gas switch
Operator reaping ‘small but significant’ saving from bio-gas


In association with Transdev PLC

Where are we heading?
Together with Trapeze, we asked a group of experts ‘what’s the biggest transit trend for 2018?’


INSIDE TRACK: Market monitor

Season ticket decline hits rail patronage
Major closures at London Bridge and Waterloo plus continuing social and economic change drive major shift in rail demand patterns

European electric bus market doubles in 2017
The growth of the European market for electric buses shows no signs of abating, with Go-Ahead operating the biggest fleet of this type last year



Have we finally pushed rail passengers too far?
I usually put a positive spin on the annual fares increase and convince myself it is necessary, but this year I wonder whether we’ve gone too far



Jonathan Bray: Small town blues and sponge cities
What can transport do to help the towns that orbit our big cities? And what will making cities ‘spongier’ mean for public transport?

Nick Richardson: ‘New vision for rail’ exposes the flaws
The latest twist in the East Coast Main Line saga reveals some fundamental problems with the current rail franchising process

Great Minster Grumbles: Are you confused? I know I am
If we were to start a new city today, we should start with the transport principles rather than create a car dependency


INTERVIEW: Mick Whelan

‘There will be a DOO incident’
ASLEF general secretary explains why he foresees need for total reform of Driver Only Operation



Firm tackles gender gap
Stagecoach Manchester seeks more female employees with launch of new initiative


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